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8 Tips to Conceal Fine Lines and Wrinkles

September 4, 2018

Look for products that are hydrating and sheer.

Aging can take a toll on your skin, but there are some things you can do to keep it looking its best.

It’s inevitable that your skin will change as you age. Aging compromises collagen and elastin and as a result, your youthful appearance is affected. However, there are some things you can do to conceal fine lines and wrinkles.

How to Hide Fine Lines and Wrinkles

1. Skin Care

Prevention is the key when it comes to your skin. But for many of us, that ship may have sailed. So, it’s time to correct some of the signs of skin damage the best we can. And that starts with a good skin care regimen.

It’s even more important than makeup when it comes to camouflaging your wrinkles and other imperfections. If your skin is at its best, you’ll notice that you need less makeup. Cleansing, moisturizing, eye creams and wearing SPF are all steps to take in order to ensure the best-looking skin. In addition, exfoliate your skin to keep it looking smooth and polished, and look for antioxidant-enriched skin care products that include vitamins A and C to help get your skin in shape.

2. Hydrate

As you age, your hormones can cause our skin to become dry, causing fine lines and wrinkles to stand out. By keeping your skin moisturized, day and night, you can improve your skin’s appearance. The added hydration helps to plump your skin. So, drink up to keep hydrated on the inside and keep your skin moisturized on the outside. And don’t limit hydration to just your face. Remember, your hands and neck can be a dead giveaway of your real age.

3. Go Easy On the Anti-Aging Products

Hopping on every latest trend in the world of anti-aging skin care won’t serve you well. Instead, focus on a line of products with consistent ingredients. That way your skin care products will work with each other for the best results. If you’re mixing and matching too many different products and ingredients, your skin may become irritated and make your wrinkles more visible.

4. Purchase a Primer

I’ll admit it, I was late to the game when it came to using makeup primer. But I can now say that it makes a huge difference when used as a base before applying makeup. Follow your normal skin care regimen and then add a primer to your skin just after your moisturizer. Silicone-based primers fill in skin imperfections, such as fine lines and uneven texture. Then, when it’s time to start applying your makeup, you’ll notice that your foundation goes on much smoother and easier as a result. The simple cushion that primer creates in your fine lines and wrinkles can help prevent your makeup from settling into the lines and drawing more attention to them.

5. Lighten Up on the Foundation

Covering up your wrinkles to camouflage them doesn’t work and may even make them look worse. Instead of using a heavy foundation on your skin, look for products that are hydrating and sheer. A tinted moisturizer, while providing lighter coverage, won’t settle into your lines and give you that cracked appearance.

6. Put the Powder Away

It’s true that a light dusting of loose powder can set your makeup fabulously. But Powder can act like a magnifying glass to your lines if you aren’t careful. Look for opportunities to swap them for creams that will give you a more natural look. If using powder is a must for you, then use it sparingly. Powder your nose and your chin and leave it at that.

7. Shift the Focus

I’m a firm believer in using in a bit of “smoke and mirror” tactics when it comes to camouflaging my fine lines and wrinkles. It’s all about distracting the eye and shifting the focus onto something else besides the imperfections. Get people to notice something other than your wrinkles, such as your eyes. Try applying a lighter, neutral shade to your eye lids and look for those softer neutral shades for your crease to make your true eye color pop. Anything too shimmery can draw attention to fine lines.

8. Avoid the Smudge

Does it seem like you’re always trying to keep the color on your lips and off of your skin? Bleeding lipstick is the worst attention grabber for fine lines around the mouth. Choose a good lip pencil to line your lips. Look for pencils that are creamy in texture and have a color-stay or color-lasting quality. Make sure your liner matches yours lip color for the most natural and elegant look. Once you’ve lined your lips, apply a bit of lip color. Use your finger or a lip brush so you can gently pat the color onto your lips and control the application. This should keep the color and the attention on your lips and off your lines.

I spend a lot of time looking for new ways to help camouflage my skin imperfections. I do believe that little fine lines and wrinkles, aka expression lines, do give us character and lend to our beauty. But…a little goes a long way. If we can take a few simple steps to help preserve our youthful appearance, then why not?

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6 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair

August 28, 2018

Leave the trimming to the professionals.

Here are some habits you can learn to get the healthiest hair possible.

One thing that people with great looking hair have in common is that they practice healthy hair habits. Having healthy hair takes commitment and it can take time to get it looking its best. But it’s definitely worth the time and effort. Here are some healthy hair habits you can put into practice today:

Avoid Anything Harsh

People with healthy hair tend to be very conscious of what they’re putting on their locks. They rarely use products containing harsh ingredients and look for shampoos, conditioners and styling aids that contain natural ingredients and are clinically tested. Moisturizing and softening ingredients like Aloe vera, olive and macadamia nut oils, and a strengthening ingredient like hydrolyzed wheat protein enzymes are great choices.

Top Tip: Look for sulfate-free products. Sulfates tend to be harsh on both the skin and hair and can actually damage your hair. They can leave it frizzy and dehydrated and compromise your hair color. When you choose sulfate-free, you’re taking a much gentler approach to your hair care regimen.

Shampooing Daily May Not Be Necessary

If you have really thick and curly hair, you don’t need to shampoo as often as someone who has fine hair. You can wait a few days between shampooing. And those with fine hair, or those who are more prone to oily hair conditions, may need to wash every day, or every other day, to get rid of that greasy look. So, determine your hair type and shampoo as needed. Over-shampooing your hair can result in more bad hair days than good. When you do shampoo, it’s important to rinse your hair thoroughly. Any residue left behind can lead to an unwelcome hair do.

Top Tip: To benefit your hair between shampooing days, try using a dry shampoo. Spritz at your roots and comb through. This will help to absorb excess oil and instantly refresh your hair between washings.

Don’t Over-Color

If you color your hair, it’s important to not overdo it, as you may damage it. Be sure to wait at least four to six weeks between coloring sessions if you can. Of course, hair always looks amazing when its freshly colored, but overdoing it can have a counter effect. Your hair colorist will have your best interests at heart, and will be sure to take the gentlest approach with your hair coloring.

Top Tip: Talk to your colorist about styles or techniques that may require less frequent touch-ups. One of my favorite products is colored spray root touch-up. Match your shade and spritz away. It can help extend the time between colorings.

Turn Down the Heat

Between the blow dryer, curling, flat irons and hot curlers, it’s hard to avoid damaging your hair with heat. If you can’t put down the heating devices altogether, then be sure to turn the temperature down. Use your dryer on low heat only. And lower the temperature on your other devices as well. It may take a bit longer to get the job done, but it’s worth it.

Top Tip: Try using a heat-resistant styling spray to help coat your hair strands and protect them from thermal damage. Many will leave your hair with a healthy-looking shine, too.

Trim It Up

Both men and women need to trim their hair regularly. Just by snipping off the frayed ends, you can instantly freshen up your hairstyle. There’s nothing worse than those pesky split ends to kill your look. When your hair grows longer, the cuticle (outer layer) tends to weaken and can break. This leaves the middle layers of your hair strand vulnerable and unprotected. When the hair splits at these weak points, they can travel up. A quick trim will help maintain the shape of your hair and give it a bit more movement.

Top Tip: Leave the trimming to the professionals. There’s an art to it if you want the best results.

Stay Healthy on the Inside

Healthy hair starts on the inside. A balanced diet with adequate protein and plenty of water is essential to looking your best. Make sure your diet includes a sufficient quantity of vitamins C, D and E that deliver antioxidant benefits, as well as biotin.

Top Tip: Take a multivitamin every day.

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Simple Tips To Keep Your Skin and Body Healthy During Summer Months

August 21, 2018

Make sure to have a plan before leaving home.

Summer is here! That means plenty of outdoor events and activities. But be careful, and don’t let the summer fun become a summer nightmare.

Make sure to get the family involved in the planning before leaving home, this way everyone will be aware of wearing the proper clothes, protecting the skin from the sun and staying hydrated.

It is essential to wear the proper attire during summer days to avoid sunburns and rashes. Try to find clothing made from jersey or cotton. These are breathable materials that help to keep the body cool during hot days. Make sure to avoid clothing made of polyester or nylon because, even though they may look nice, they are not breathable materials. Look for light colored fabrics when choosing outdoor attire like pastels, as they will absorb less heat than a darker color. There are numerous great options in the marketplace that provide UVA/UVB protection to enjoy the outdoor summer fun without the worry.

To avoid sunburns during a summer day, make sure to apply a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen on every family member 30 minutes before sun exposure, this will allow the product’s ingredients to fully bind with the skin. Wear a hat and shades between 10 am and 3 pm, when the sun is at its strongest, and don’t forget about the hidden areas on the body like the back of the head, ears, hands and feet. If planning strenuous or water activities, use a product that is water resistant, and make sure to reapply every two hours. Strenuous activities during summer months can lead to substantial water and electrolyte loss. To prevent dehydration from happening, it is essential to keep the body hydrated. Don’t leave home without the cooler full of hydrating drinks and foods. Plain water is good, but adding a little low-sugar hydrating powder or fresh fruit to cold water will infuse flavor, and it might encourage the family to drink more often. Don’t forget that eating fruit is also an excellent way to stay hydrated. It is crucial to stay away from sugary drinks like sodas, as they can act as a dehydrating agent and increase thirst.

Once the family gets home, make sure to remove any sweaty or wet attire as quickly as possible. This will help prevent body rashes and skin irritation. Make sure to use a body wash free of harsh sulfates, parabens, added colors and dyes, as these types of ingredients can irritate the skin. Look for products with soothing ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter, which will soothe the skin and make it feel amazing after a long, fun, active day. Summer months are always a fun time to spend with family and friends, and these simple tips will keep the body healthy and safe all summer long.

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5 Tips to Soothe and Treat a Sunburn

August 14, 2018

Stay hydrated after sunburn.

If you enjoy being outdoors as much as I do, then it’s very likely that you’ve experienced a sunburn or two during your lifetime. And, boy oh boy, are they hard to forget. The pain, the redness, the peeling…it’s a disaster for your skin. The one you always look for after a sunburn is a way to help soothe your poor aching skin.

Unprotected sun exposure is a key contributor to skin damage, premature aging and even skin cancer. But let’s face it, even those of us who take every precaution to protect our skin against the harmful UVA and UVB rays can sometimes mess up. And when we get a sunburn, we sure do pay the price. So, if you forgot to take cover in the shade, didn’t wear your sunscreen or simply forgot to reapply after a quick dip in the pool, I have a few tips to help calm your skin. And remember, for any serious burn, seek medical attention.

5 Tips to Help Soothe Sunburn

If you do experience sunburn…

Get out of the sun right away. The longer your skin is exposed, the more damage you may get. This exposure can ultimately increase your chances of skin cancer. Take cover immediately.

Check for blisters. If your skin has blistered as a result of sunburn, then you should consider seeking medical attention as soon as possible.

No one wants to derail his or her summer plans because of sunburn. Go out and enjoy. Just remember to stay covered up and in the shade, wear an SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen and reapply throughout the day. If your skin starts to get red, remove yourself from the sun. Hey, there are a lot of indoor activities that are fun, too. Think movies, bowling, mani-pedi and my favorite—shopping.


If your body feels like it’s on fire after getting sunburned, then take a moment to cool down. Take a cool shower or bath to help alleviate the discomfort and keep your overall body temperature from rising. Avoid washcloths, as they can feel like course sandpaper gnawing at your skin. If you can, forget about using soap. Some harsh cleansers and fragrances in your bar soap or shower gel can aggravate your already irritated skin.

Don’t linger too long in the tub. If you soak for too long, chances are your skin will become dryer and more irritated. Remember, dry skin leads to itching, and scratching a sunburn leads to pain!

If you don’t have access to a cool shower or bath right away, then try spraying your skin with cold water or applying cold compresses.


Depending on the location and severity of your sunburn, try to avoid any tight clothing. The straps on your bathing suit, the waistband on your pants and even the collar on your shirt can become major causes of irritation. So, as soon as you can, take off your clothes to prevent any unnecessary tightness or rubbing of your sunburned skin. If you can stay unclothed, then go for it. If you can’t, cover up with loose fitting, lightweight clothing to avoid the pain.


There is no substitute for a true anti-irritant product. Look for a product that lists among its indications treatment of sunburn and skin irritation. These products are formulated to address the symptoms of sunburn and in the U.S.A. are over-the-counter drugs. Sunburn is a medical condition that should be treated properly.


When your skin is fried, it’s also diminished in the moisture it needs to function at its best. Replenish your entire body with water during this time. When your body is hydrated, it will help to soothe sunburn and heal faster. So, drink up. This is also a good time to nourish and hydrate the skin’s surface to keep it from becoming dry, more irritated and itchy.


With most sunburn comes pain and inflammation. Taking an over the counter pain reliever, such as ibuprofen or aspirin, can definitely help with the discomfort. Always take medication as directed on the label, and discontinue use if you have any issues.

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Ready For Summer? Protecting Your Skin, Body and Hair Only Takes Minutes!

Staying hydrated is key for healthy-looking skin.

Summers are often the time for jogging around the park, basking in the seaside sunshine or participating on weekend 5K runs. All these activities are invigorating and fun, but they can affect your skin’s health, hydration levels and hair.

 Here are three quick tips to make sure you are protected throughout the summer while still enjoying the sun and showing off your hard-earned labor!

 Put on sunscreen 30 minutes before you head outdoors

 Most of the damage we see on our skin comes from the sun. Protecting your skin from UVA/UVB damage is easy to do if you apply sunscreen before heading outdoors. There are so many fantastic options in the marketplace that can suit your preference and needs, like sprays, lotion and sticks. The most important thing is to look for broad-spectrum coverage. This means that you will get protection from UVA (ultraviolet rays that you can’t always feel or see) and UVB rays (ultra-burning rays that you can feel right away). Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen (with SPF value of 15 or higher) 30 minutes before you go outside allows the sunscreen to have enough time to provide the maximum benefit to your skin and prevent skin disorders, including cancer.

The secret to making your skin look great is hydration

Staying hydrated during the summer is key to making sure your skin looks plump and healthy. The average person needs about eight to 12 cups of water per day, which is about two to three liters. Every human needs water, whether it comes in the form of a fruit or a glass of juice. To make sure you do not become dehydrated throughout your summer activities, make sure to fill up your water bottle before leaving the house. Your body has a mechanism which prompts thirst, so your body knows when to get you to drink more. However, if you are lounging or dozing off on the beach, walking for hours, sightseeing or participating in an activity, you may forget to listen to your body’s alarm system for thirst, which can lead to dehydration. If you have bottled water with you at all times, it will be easier to remember. And here is an additional motivator, the only difference between a raisin and a grape is the hydration it offers, so eat up.

For healthy summer hair, keep it hydrated and covered

What I love about big hats and caps is that they provide sufficient shade not only for your face, but the entire scalp as well without covering up the gorgeous body you have worked so hard to show off this summer. Wearing a hat that covers the entire scalp will help reduce the UV radiation that is persistently blasting your hair and drying it out. These strong UV rays, combined with heat and dryness can damage the hair follicles and dry out the scalp. Providing moisture to your scalp with oils or balms can make a difference in the way your hair looks and feels. Also, wetting your hair a little and adding conditioner before putting on your hat may keep your hair moist and hydrated. Here is another suggestion to keep in mind, avoid constant flat ironing, curling and brushing, as all of these procedures can damage hair follicles and make your hair look frizzy and dull. Keep in mind that for healthy summer hair, you should cover up your head for protection, keep your scalp hydrated and nourished, and avoid trauma to hair follicles.

During the summer the days are longer, and they seem to bring more opportunity for adventure and fun, so make sure to protect your skin, body and hair before going outdoors. With these easy, simple tips in your back pocket, there is no beach, park or 5K you can’t conquer!

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It’s National Picnic Month! Have fun and stay protected with these 3 simple tips!

Don’t forget to protect your eyes, skin and scalp.

When the weather gets warmer, the outdoors seems to beckon all those bold friends and families to join the fun in the sun. Local parks and beaches no longer have gray skies, and picnics are the perfect way to celebrate them.

National Picnic Month is an excellent excuse to get out and enjoy the outdoors and warm weather. When packing your picnic basket with yummy treats like fruits and veggies, don’t forget to also pack some protection for your eyes, skin and scalp.

 Stay protected and don’t miss out on the fun:
  • Get proper protection for your eyes – Don’t forget your shades before heading out to the picnic. Not only is it a good fashion statement, but you will also delay wrinkles around your eye area. Those show up quicker when you spend too much unprotected time in the sun. You will also be protecting your eyes from ultraviolet light. The sun emits UV radiation that you can’t see or feel and can damage your eyes. Also, make sure that when you buy your sunglasses, they block 100% of both UVA and UVB rays, as this will provide the protection your eyes need when outdoors.
  • Protect your skin – Basking in the sun is one of the most enjoyable aspects of having a picnic, and the last thing you want is to end up with nasty sunburn at the end of the day. The good thing is that those are easy to prevent with the proper sunscreen protection. Protect your skin by using broad-spectrum sunscreens with SPF value of 15 or higher. Apply 30 minutes before you go outside. This allows the sunscreen to have enough time to provide the maximum benefit to your skin. For added protection, you can also choose light athletic clothing with UVA/UVB protection built in. The lightweight material absorbs sweat and will allow your skin to breathe while you enjoy the outdoors.
  • Keep your head covered – Picnics are the perfect excuse to wear a cute hat or cap. They also provide great shade not only for your face but your scalp as well. Wearing a cap that covers the whole scalp will help diminish UV radiation that can affect your hair and scalp. Leaving your scalp unprotected can damage your hair follicles and dry out your hair. Also, don’t be afraid to wet your hair a little and add some hair balm or conditioner before putting on your hat. It will keep your hair soft and your scalp hydrated.

National Picnic Month is a fantastic way to celebrate the summer. With technology all around us, it is nice to have an excuse to go out and celebrate warm months.  It’s a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature at its best. So prepare your picnic basket, add all your goodies, and don’t forget to protect your eyes, skin and scalp.

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Your In-Flight Guide to Skincare When Traveling

Make water your in-flight beverage of choice.

Air travel can take a toll on your skin. With these tips, you can arrive at your final destination with a fabulous and refreshed complexion.

Have you ever boarded an airplane looking fabulous and landed looking like you’ve aged 10 years? Well, you’re not alone. Airplane cabins have extremely low humidity, which can cause your skin to become dehydrated quickly. The re-circulated dry air in the cabin is on a search for moisture, and that search usually ends with your skin being sucked dry. Not only will dry skin become drier, but oily skin can become even oilier. Seems crazy, but it’s true. When skin loses its water, it tends to produce more oil to compensate for the loss. So, what can you do to look after your skin? Read on to learn my few simple skincare tips for air travel.

Protect Your Complexion at 30,000 Feet

B.Y.O.B.B. – Bring Your Own Beauty Bag

First, get a thorough understanding of what you can and cannot bring with you on your flight. There’s nothing more inconvenient than having the flight plan of your favorite skincare products redirected to the trash bin.

Pack a small, clear zip-lock bag with all of your travel essentials, including a hydrating cleanser, moisturizer, lip balm, hand sanitizer and hand cream. The maximum size, based on FTA guidelines, is 3.4 ounces (100ml) per product. It’s important to have your favorite products on hand to apply throughout the flight. So, remember to plan ahead.

Time to strip down

Ladies, do I dare say it? To help your skin, you need to avoid wearing makeup while in an airplane. If you absolutely cannot go barefaced, you’ll need to make some compromises. Make sure to avoid any foundation or powders, as they definitely contribute to the drying of the skin. But I see no harm in a bit of mascara and a swipe of lip-gloss. Before I board a flight with a full face on, I always give my skin a quick cleansing in the powder room with a moisturizing cleanser or makeup removing wipes. It’s the best thing you can do for your skin, especially on long flights.

Apply, apply and reapply

Make sure to have your moisturizer conveniently on hand throughout the flight. This means your products must stay with you and never make it into the overhead bin. The longer the flight, the more frequently you should moisturize. Your skin will thank you.

Don’t forget sunscreen

Seems crazy that we would need to be concerned about the sun’s rays while sitting in an airplane, but think about it: when flying, we’re closer to the sun and in thinner atmosphere. Unfortunately, the windows on planes aren’t capable of filtering out the damaging UV rays. So, wear your moisturizer with SPF, shut the shade and choose an aisle seat over a window seat if you can.

Stay hydrated and drink…

And I don’t mean alcohol! It’s easy to fend off the fear of turbulence with a glass of wine or two, but drinking water will keep your body hydrated while flying. Avoid further dehydration by skipping the alcohol and drink lots of water. Nutrition expert Susan Bowerman suggests that you should drink a glass of water for each hour you’re in the air.

Join the mile high skincare club

When you reach your final destination, be sure to give your skin a good cleansing with a gentle facial cleanser or scrub. This will help remove the dry skin cells and excess oils that may have appeared during the flight. To really get your skin back in tip-top shape, moisturize from head to toe when you get to your hotel room or home.

Be sure to follow these easy skincare tips while traveling. Your skin will look hydrated and refreshed, and no one will ever know by looking at you that you have been on a very long journey.

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Get Beautiful in Half the Time with These Tips

Beautify yourself even when you’ve overslept.

Get to work on time with these top time-saving beauty tips.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re out of time in the morning, things just seem to fall apart? You’re out of toothpaste, you can’t keep a bar of soap in your hand, your mascara has disappeared, you can only find one shoe and everything in your closet needs ironing. I think we’ve probably all headed for the door with bedhead, no makeup and clothes that look like they just came out of the hamper. Is this truly necessary? No. Here are a few simple tricks that you can follow to maximize the time you have in the morning and leave the house looking your best.

Be Prepared

Do as much as you can the night before to ease into the morning rush. Get your shower or bath out of the way, apply your body lotion and maybe even mist yourself with a bit of fragrance before bed. And think about what you might wear. If your clothing needs ironing, spend the extra few minutes taking care of it.

Take a Minimalist Approach with Your Hair

If you don’t have time to wash and style your hair in the morning, use quick fixes. A ponytail, braid or even a hat can work on most days. If your bangs or roots are the problem, section them off and do a quick shampoo and rinse in your sink. Then grab your round brush and blow dryer and you’re good to go in just a few minutes. By freshening up your bangs or just the front pieces of your hair at the crown, you can turn your bed head into a stylish do in no time. If you find yourself in a real pinch for time, grab some dry shampoo and spray those roots. It’ll help absorb the excess oils and give your hair a bit more volume.

Set Your Makeup Fast

No time to wait for your skin care products to dry or your makeup to set? Reach for your blow dryer. Put the temperature setting on cool and give your skin a blast. Your products will dry down in no time and you’ll be on to your next morning beauty step. I love this tip because I need my skin care products in the morning no matter what. And the last thing I want to do is skip a precious serum or moisturizer because I am running out of time.

De-Clutter Your Beauty Area

Many of us have too many beauty products. When you have the luxury of time, it’s fun to experiment with them. But when in a hurry, the clutter can add precious time to your morning beauty routine.

If you have products that you don’t use on a regular basis, get them out of the way. Keep the products that you do use on a daily basis within easy access. If you know you’re going to have a hurried morning, line up all of your skin care products and cosmetics in the order that you’ll apply them. With everything right at your fingertips, you won’t waste time looking for something.

Think in Terms of Multi-purpose

Look for items such as hydrating cleanser, tinted moisturizer, de-puffing concealer, all-in-one cheek, lip and eye color, tinted lip balm and so on. Many guys have the multi-purpose concept down with all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and body wash being a popular option.

Follow the 3 E’s

If you’re in a major time crunch but need to put your best face forward, focus on your eyebrows, eyeliner and eyelashes. It’s really that simple. Give a quick brush and, if necessary, add a bit of color to your brows. Swoop on a bit of eyeliner and wiggle your mascara wand through your lashes for a bit of eye opening wow. If you put your focus on the 3 E’s, you can still dab on a bit of lip balm or apply a pouf of blush in just seconds. No one will ever know you were in a race against the clock.

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7 Ultra-cooling Summer Beauty Tips

Beat the heat with a hat this summer.

Staying cool in the summer is essential for avoiding a sweaty makeup meltdown. Here are some tips to beat the heat and look your best.

After a long, cold winter, the idea of warm summer weather sounds great. However, there are some challenges to dealing with summer weather. It’s easy to get overheated and sweaty, which can wreak havoc on your hair, makeup and all aspects of your look. Not to worry, there are lots of ways to keep your face and body cool and dry.

7 Ways to Stay Cool and Maintain Your Summer Beauty

Control Outdoor Exposure

When you’ve been outdoors for a prolonged period of time, make sure you take a break and go inside. Get in the daily habit of applying sunscreen. Also, keep your face protected with sunglasses and a brimmed hat. These are important habits you should practice all year long.

Get Creative with Your Hairstyle

Long hair against the back of your neck is enough to raise your body temperature by a degree or two. A great way to stay cool is to keep your hair at a shorter length. If that’s not your style, consider putting your hair up, try a sleek topknot, or a variation on the classic braid. One of my all-time favorite hairstyles to stay cool during the summer is a high ponytail.

Put Your Fridge to Work

The refrigerator doesn’t have to be just for keeping food cold. During the summer, keep moisturizer and body mist in there, too. Slathering on cool product will instantly make you feel cooler. You can keep your moisturizer in the fridge during the summer, too.

Ice Your Pressure Points

Here’s a quick party trick that really works: press your icy beverage or an ice cube against your wrist or your neck. The chill on these two pulse points can provide you with an all-over feeling of cool when it’s sizzling hot. If you stay cool, you’re less likely to encounter melting makeup.

Spray Yourself with Sea Salt

Add spring to your hair and keep your scalp dry with sea salt spray. It acts as a natural styling agent to create waves and add volume. Some hairstylists say this is the key product they use to create texturized waves. Sea salt spray can be found at any beauty supply store, or you can even make it yourself at home.

Spritz Your Face

For a quick cool-down after baking in your car, or any other heat-related situation, try spritzing on a face mist. It can give you an instant chill and make you feel refreshed. To enhance your face mist, choose your favorite fragrance like mint, herb or lavender and you’ll feel instantly freshened up.

Choose Your Cosmetics Carefully

When it comes to makeup, go for the smudged look—on purpose. Summer beauty trends suggest you should go easy on eye makeup, but if you want to glam it up, use crayon liners and eyeshadows that provide softer, smudgier lines. Matte lipsticks go on dryer than creamy ones and look great with dewy summer skin. Once you’re done applying makeup, use a setting spray to finish off your look and help keep your makeup in place.

With all of these refreshing ways to stay cool and collected, people will wonder what your secret is and admire how well you pull it off.

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Your Best Eyebrows in 3 Simple Steps

Your eyebrows express so much.

Your eyebrows say a lot about you and when it comes to caring for them, it’s all about enhancing their natural shape and keeping them well groomed. No matter what kind of natural eyebrow shape you have—thin and wispy, thick and bushy or anywhere in between––waxing, tweezing and threading will be part of your routine.

So, get ready to impress and express your beauty with this quick guide to achieve the perfect eyebrows.


Any time you exfoliate your face, take a few extra seconds to exfoliate the skin under your eyebrows. Dead skin tends to build up underneath and around your eyebrow hairs. Gently rub your fingers in a circular motion around both brows and rinse. When you follow exfoliation up with moisturizer, it softens the eyebrows and primes them for grooming.

Know Your Eyebrow Shape

An esthetician can help you define and enhance your eyebrow shape. Then you can keep the shape up yourself in between appointments. Here are a few things to consider when shaping your eyebrows yourself:

– First things first, comb eyebrows straight up using a brow comb or brush so you can see where they may need to be filled in. Start combing from the front of the brow, near your nose, and work out towards the ends.

– Determine where your inner eyebrow starts. This can be done by holding a ruler vertical to your face and aligning it with the outer most edge of your nose and the inner corner of your eye. Mark that spot with an eyebrow pencil so you know where your brow should begin. Your best brow usually aligns with the inner tear duct.

– Determine the arch of your eyebrow. This is usually slightly right of the center of your brow. Mark that with an eyebrow pencil so you know where your eyebrow should be at its highest point.

– Mark your eyebrow end point with the help of your straight edge. Make a line with your straight edge going from the bottom of your nose to the outer corner of your eye.

– Decide the thickness that you want by marking your eyebrow pencil in a line just underneath the fullest part of your brow. You can decide the shape you’d like with this line.

– Once you’ve marked your eyebrow shape, you are ready to remove excess hair with your chosen method of hair removal. Waxing, tweezing and threading are the most common methods for keeping eyebrows in shape.

Keeping Your Eyebrows Looking Fresh

Once you’re happy with the overall look of your eyebrows, here are three things you can do yourself in between eyebrow appointments:

• Trimming and Tweezing

This is a quick way to keep your brows looking well-groomed. If they require heavy tweezing, follow the steps above to determine the best brow shape for you and then tweeze away. A good tip is to shape your brows after a shower when your hair follicles are more open and hairs come out more easily.

To keep eyebrow hairs in place, brush the brows upward with an eyebrow brush and trim any hairs that are too long with small scissors. For really unruly brows, consider investing in clear mascara to keep your eyebrows neat all day.

• Tinting

This technique helps create an eyebrow with depth. Choose from a powder, which is applied with an eyebrow brush, or a tinted gel, which is applied like mascara. Use careful strokes, following the natural direction of the eyebrow hairs.

• Filling in Bare Spots

The idea here is to create the illusion of individual eyebrow hairs, not a solid dark splotch. Using a thin eyebrow pencil in a color closely matching your eyebrows, re-draw the borders just around the inner 1/3 portion of each eyebrow. Draw slightly within the hairline so that it’s not obvious. Using the same pencil, identify the bare spots and apply feathery strokes going in the direction of the eyebrow hairs. This is essential to avoid looking like you have dark splotches on your eyebrows.

Eyebrows can be a beautiful frame for your eyes, if they’re well groomed. So, invest a little time to keep them looking fresh. It might take a little practice but the results will be well worth it.

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