Wedding Day Beauty Tips – How to Look and Feel Stunning

Plan ahead, but don’t forget to pamper yourself.

One of the most special days in any woman’s life has to be her wedding day. We choose our bridesmaids, pick our color scheme and we’ve even been fantasizing about Prince Charming from the time we could walk. For some of us, all roads lead to the most magical day of our lives—the day we say, “I do.”

A bride’s wedding day is the perfect occasion to shine. Of course, she wants to look gorgeous but she also wants to be radiant, confident, sexy and demure. Remember, all eyes are on the bride on this very special day, and it’s important for her to exude confidence without a worry in the world. This beauty will be captured in memories and photographs that will last a lifetime.

How to prepare for your wedding with as little stress as possible

Plan ahead

The morning of the wedding is not the best time to start experimenting with hair, makeup, nail polish—anything. Keep things simple and close to your personal comfort zone. Think classic, not trendy. By planning your look well in advance of the wedding, you will surely eliminate unnecessary stress and look fabulous as a result.

Practice makes perfect

Practice wearing different hair styles that complement your dress and your veil. Think about the photos you wish to have, and also think about looking back at your wedding album 20 years from now. Will you say, ‘Aww, look how cute we were’? Or will you say, ‘Oh, my gosh––what were we thinking?’

A few wedding day beauty tips

Get your hair trimmed to eliminate any split ends or frizzies, which will keep your hair looking polished and smooth. Do any trimming or cutting about 2-3 weeks before the wedding so it looks completely fresh and natural.

Wash your hair the day before—not on the morning of your wedding. The extra oils and product that are left lingering in your hair only help your style (especially your curls) stay put and last longer. When hair is freshly clean, it won’t hold a style as long.

If time and budget permit, hire a professional hair stylist for the day. Meet with the stylist a week or two prior to the wedding for a practice run, and don’t forget to bring your veil with you and even a photo of your gown. Take pictures of your hair during the practice run so you can see what you will look like from all angles. You may see an opportunity to add a hair accessory or quick change up for the reception.

Flawless skin for the big day

No matter what your skin care practices have been until now, as the wedding approaches you cannot go to bed without thoroughly cleansing your skin. All traces of makeup, especially mascara, must be removed at bedtime. One night of sleep with makeup on your face can leave your skin looking dull, dry and, well, just not healthy. So, get a good cleansing using warm water with a facial cleanser as your first step towards radiant skin.

Moisture, moisture and more moisture

Skin always looks best when it’s hydrated. Never go to bed without applying a nice, rich night cream that will hydrate your skin while you sleep. In the morning after cleansing again, be sure to apply a hydrating day lotion to keep your skin soft and supple. Apply, apply and reapply. And remember, if you’re going out into the sun, be sure to use a product containing SPF to keep your skin from burning and, dare I say it, aging.

The eyes have it

Tears, coupled with a nervous night’s sleep and a few glasses of champagne at the reception, can really make your eyes look tired and droopy. It’s important to get the skin around your eyes in tip-top shape well before the big day. Invest in a nice firming eye gel for daytime use that helps tighten the skin around the eyes, and look for a hydrating eye cream to wear at bedtime. And whatever you do, don’t forget the waterproof mascara.

Scrub ’til you shine

Exfoliating once a week leading up to the wedding is great for the skin, and it will also allow your makeup to stay on longer and look smoother and fresher.
But don’t stop there. All exposed areas need to be scrubbed. Arms, elbows, knees, feet, legs, you name it. With a good exfoliation followed by a great moisturizer, your skin will be soft, smooth and kissable well into the honeymoon.

Choose the right makeup

If a professional makeup artist isn’t in the budget, then just do a bit of investigating. Flip through bridal and fashion magazines, and look online for pictures.
Or, go to the makeup counter and get a free makeover. Look for softer, more natural color pallets and try to avoid the dark, bolder colors. The cosmetic counter consultants can demonstrate for you exactly how to apply the products for the best look. Be sure to bring along your bridesmaids and make a fun day out of it.

Some final quick beauty tips for your wedding day

Pack a “quick fix” bag for the reception. Be sure to bring along some touch-up makeup, nail polish in your shade of the day, deodorant, mints for quick breath freshening, and even a pair of comfy shoes or an extra pair of nylons in case you get a run. Pack anything you can think of that can help reduce any last minute worry or stress to help keep your perfect day on track.

Relax and enjoy

Leading up to the big day, bride and groom can engage in some couples activities to relax. Think about getting a couple’s massage, or just simply spend some quality time with each other over a quiet dinner at home, or take the time to watch and laugh at an old movie. Staying relaxed and calm during such a stressful time will increase the bond for a couple—and it can only make the entire experience, from start to finish, even more memorable.

At the end of the day, your wedding will be something that you’ll never, ever forget. You’ll be surrounded by family and friends, and you’ll be exchanging vows with the love of your life. By preparing in advance and anticipating any issues that may arise, the day will go as smoothly as possible.

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