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Leadership and hope

Good morning,Do you instill hope into the lives of the people around you? Do people look to you when things get tough? Be the person who is there for people when no one else is. You can be open and strong at the same time. How can you give someone hope today?

“A leader is a dealer in hope.”

-Napoleon Bonaparte

Have a great day!


Five Workout Secrets for a Perfect Body

A good diet with a steady workout plan is the key.

With New Year’s right around the corner, many of you have ‘get fit’ or ‘achieve my perfect body’ on your resolution list. I’m going to share my top five secrets to getting that perfect body.

I’ve told you many times that it’s impossible to out-train a bad diet. The fact that your diet is a crucial piece of the puzzle, when it comes to achieving your perfect body, can’t be denied. There are many personal trainers, pieces of equipment and infomercials that may promise you that you can torch away thousands of calories in one simple workout.

Don’t believe the hype. There are two sides to every equation, and in this case the perfect body equation involves a good diet and a good exercise routine.

Two-sided approach

For years, people focused on diet alone to help with weight loss. It was a common topic in the media, but science proves that there are many benefits you can get from being active. Being active on a regular basis can help to improve your physical wellness, slow down the aging process, improve your mood and boost your self-esteem just to name a few. It can also help you better master your nutritional needs, so that you can keep your body in balance long term. You’ll start noticing that when you exercise you’ll crave nutritious foods. When you eat better, you’ll have more energy for exercise.

What is a perfect body?

A perfect body in my mind isn’t all about looks. It’s one that’s healthy and ready to perform the tasks that you need it to, so that you can live a happy and fulfilling life. My definition of perfect is very personal and ever evolving. There’s no set standard of what a perfect body is—despite what the media says. Your perfect body equation could be striving for feeling energized and well, looking fit or performing your best, or some combination of all three. Whatever your definition is, you need to have a 100% good attitude so you can succeed.

5 P’s to a perfect body

Use my Five P’s to get your perfect body and to help you get started and stay in control of your own body perfection equation.


Provide your body with what it needs. The aim of your daily nutrition intake is to give your body the fuel it needs to perform the essential functions of daily life. Your body also needs nutrients to recover, replenish and re-build itself, especially after a hard workout.

Be Present

Today is what’s important because tomorrow isn’t a promise. We’re all guilty of saying ‘I’ll start tomorrow,’ but what is wrong with today? Start today and be present in the choices you make. The smallest changes can lead to significant results, but you have to start in order to elicit change.


Getting fit and feeling healthy should never just be a short-term goal. Yes, you may be motivated by an upcoming event to whip yourself into shape. But to get good results and maintain healthy habits, you must be persistent and committed long-term. Persistence pays off when it comes to establishing new healthy lifestyle habits.

Be Productive

Make the most of your time and make every second count. Don’t watch TV or read a magazine while you’re on the treadmill. Instead, work hard and keep your intensity high, especially if you only have a short amount of time available for exercise. Mix up your routine, keep it simple and be as practical as possible. Set yourself up for success by making your daily activity goals achievable.


The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of patience. In order for your body to change, you must give it time to adapt to your new and improved healthy lifestyle habits. Repetition and time is what it takes to form good habits that’ll last. The best approach is to take it one day at a time.

I’ll admit it, I’m exhausted by the letter P now! This post was inspired by a perfect stranger I came across at an airport who asked me for my definition of a perfect body. What prompted her to ask? It may have been my slightly out-of-place stretching routine after getting off a 15-hour flight, or maybe it was the wall sits I was doing whilst waiting for my next flight. I’m happy to say that she left my side with more than a quick answer. She left knowing that we all deserve to be perfectly healthy, and achieving it is simpler than she thought.

How to Prepare a Party Emergency Beauty Kit

December 27, 2016

Be prepared for any beauty emergency.

It’s party season! This party survival guide will help you stay beautiful and confident no matter what life throws at you.

‘Tis the season to get glammed up and visit friends and loved ones. But all that rushing around can sometimes result in beauty disasters––from lipstick on the teeth to frizzy party hair and more. Luckily, a little bit of preparation can go a long way towards preventing beauty mishaps! Try these beauty tips before and during your party to look your best all night long.

Before the party: Pack your beauty bag

This season, try preparing a mini “party emergency kit” that you can stash in your car, or tuck it into your handbag in case you need it. By preparing a kit ahead of time, you can be confident that you’ll be able to face any potential beauty disasters head-on. My personal party emergency kit contains:

  • Mini deodorant – We’ve all forgotten deodorant at one point or another. It’s not an experience I like repeating, so I keep this with me in my party kit!
  • Travel toothbrush and toothpaste – For when gum or mints just won’t do. (Garlicky bruschetta, anyone?)
  • Pain reliever – You can’t dance the night away if you’re only thinking about that headache. Pain reliever lets you focus on the fun at hand!
  • Hand cream – Most of us hug and shake hands at parties, so that means we wash our hands more than usual. I keep my hands soft by keeping hand cream within reach.
  • Travel perfume – I save all the little samples of perfume I get, so I’m always prepared in case I forget before I leave the house.
  • Detergent pen – Never worry about random party snack stains again.
  • Dryer sheets – I run these (gently!) over my hair to tame flyaways. The added bonus is that they make your handbag smell heavenly!

Before the party: Streamline for success

When you’re trying to rush out the door to get to a party, the last thing you want to do is add unnecessary steps to your beauty routine. Here are three easy tips that will make you party-ready without adding too much additional work for you:

Face: Prevent lipstick on the teeth by applying extra lip balm to the center of your lips (towards the inside). This will add just enough slipperiness that lipstick won’t be able to adhere to the surface of teeth.

Body: Add a little oil to your moisturizer for smooth, radiant legs. Adding just a little drop of olive oil to your normal lotion will help add a subtle sheen to legs, reflecting light and distracting from any potential blemishes, stretch marks, or veins.

Hair: Wait until your hair is dry before using product. With the exception of products meant to be used on wet hair, such as leave-in conditioner, most hair products just don’t work effectively on damp hair. Wait until your hair is completely dry before styling.

At the party: Get creative

Sometimes beauty emergencies pop up that even your party emergency kit can’t handle. Here are a few of my favorite creative tips to solving beauty problems on the fly:

  • Cool down pimples with ice. Feel a blemish coming on? Simply take an ice cube from a drink and rub it over the blemish for a few seconds. This will minimize the swelling.
  • Calm flyaways with hand lotion. With just a dab of hand lotion, run your hands through your hair. The weight of the lotion will smooth hair, just be sure to not use too much!
  • Matte oily skin with a toilet cover. It may sound funny, and this should be a last resort, but that super-thin paper that you find in public restrooms to cover toilet seats actually works wonders as blotting paper. Simply rip off a small piece and rub over your face to absorb excess oil.
  • Smooth jagged nails with a matchbox. The striking surface will double as a nail file in a pinch.
  • Prevent bad breath with a slice of lemon. If you’ve been snacking on party food, chances are you might want to freshen up. If you don’t have a toothbrush or mints with you, try sucking on a slice of lemon. The citrus aids in saliva production, which will help quell bad breath.

The most important thing is that you feel confident and beautiful out and about. If you follow my beauty emergency tips, I think you’ll find that no party snafu is too much for you to handle. You can focus your attention where it belongs––on having a great time!

How to Choose Your Ideal Diet

Stick to the diet that works best for you.

The best diet is the one that works best with your lifestyle, your budget, your food preferences and how much effort you’re willing to give.

One of the more entertaining aspects of my work is that whenever I meet a new weight-loss client, I never know where the conversation will lead. Usually, I’ll start by getting some history. I want to know what’s the most and the least they’ve ever weighed, what motivates them to eat better and get into shape, and also what’s worked for them in the past and what hasn’t—that sort of thing. From there, I can start to get a sense for how much effort each particular patient is willing to put forth and what their expectations are. Then we come up with a plan for their best diet. But I can’t just tell someone what they need to do—I need to help them figure out how they’re going to do it, too. We work together to figure out what’s going to be the best diet for them.

Does one size fit all?

When it comes down to it, there’s no “one size fits all” diet plan. Everyone is different, and I need to take into account not just a person’s food likes and dislikes, I also need to know what their day is like––if they like to cook or not, if the cost of food is an issue, what time they exercise, how often they eat out (and where). There are a whole host of factors that I have to consider before I can give someone meaningful advice.

Should you take on a lot at once?

Then I have to consider what my clients want—or think they want. Some people prefer a fairly strict approach––often, in fact, deciding to tackle a lot at once. I’ve had plenty of clients who’ve decided to simultaneously attempt to lose weight, start exercising and quit smoking. It’s a lot to take on, but it can work. Maybe it’s the idea of wiping the slate clean and making a truly fresh start—sort of a “today is the first day of the rest of your life” attitude. Sometimes when you’re working on one thing, it can reinforce the other changes you’re trying to make—as in, “If I’m going to exercise, it doesn’t make much sense to keep smoking.”

When taking on too much doesn’t work, it’s usually because the process becomes overwhelming. There are just too many changes involved and too many adjustments to be made. Then people tend to simply give up, and nothing gets accomplished.

Or, are you one to take things more slowly?

On the other hand, there are those who take a more cautious approach. They like to dip their toes into the water and see what feels right. They might make a few changes to set them on the right course, get those pretty well established into their daily life and then move on to make a few more. Slowly over time, they accumulate a pretty impressive list of diet and lifestyle changes. Since they’ve given themselves a chance to let them settle in, they’re usually in pretty good shape to continue.

Figuring out what works for YOU will help you build a healthy diet and lifestyle plan

The point is this: There are plenty of paths that lead to the same destination. Some are short and direct, others might meander a bit. And neither one is necessarily better than the other.

Just as I do with my clients, you need to think about what you realistically can do. If you hate cooking or just don’t have the time, does it make sense to adopt a diet that requires you to home-cook every meal? If you can’t remember the last time you ate a fruit or a vegetable, is it realistic to think that you’ll suddenly start eating seven servings a day? Maybe not.

But remember this: The way you choose to eat, the amount of activity you get, the lifestyle choices you make are yours––you own them. And you also need to accept that the results you get will be a direct reflection of how much effort you put forth. The harder you work at it, the better the results. But that doesn’t mean that slow and steady can’t win the race, too. Because the best diet isn’t the one someone else tells you to follow—the best diet is the one that works for you.


How does it make you feel when you make other people happy? That doesn’t mean you try to please everyone. Just put a smile on someone’s face today by showing that you genuinely care for them. Who can you give the gift of happiness to today?
“The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others.”

Robert Baden-Powell

Have a great day!

Do or not do 

Do you ever forget to do something? Do you neglect to give a compliment or walk by someone who may need help? It’s always easier to do nothing, but is it always right? Look at what you don’t do today and decide if you should do something about it.
“It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do.”


Have a great day!

What we do and what we don’t do!

Good morning,

Do you ever forget to do something? Do you neglect to give a compliment or walk by someone who may need help? It’s always easier to do nothing, but is it always right? Look at what you don’t do today and decide if you should do something about it.
“It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do.”


Have a great day!

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