Caterine Ibargüen: High Jumper Reaches for Excellence in Nutrition










Former track-and-field champion Jackie Joyner-Kersey once said, “It’s better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.” Regret will hardly be an issue for Herbalife-sponsored high jump, long jump and triple jump competitor Caterine Ibargüen, who prepares herself with such dedication that she recently qualified for the 2016 world games in Rio de Janeiro.


Rising to the Challenge

Born in Apartado, Colombia, Ibargüen started her sports career at the age of 12, instantly standing out in the 150-meter category. Driven to train in the jump categories, she won her first international high-jump title in 1999 at the age of 15, when she took third place at the South American Championship in Athletics. Ibargüen has been pushing her limits and winning titles ever since, the most prestigious one being her silver medal at the 2012 world games in London. She considers that event both the best and worst day of her life because even though she did her country proud, “I had my sights set on winning gold,” she says. In Rio, she will once again get a chance to win gold and have her best day. To do so, she’s putting her focus on nutrition.

Higher Levels of Nutrition

In her daily regimen, Ibargüen addresses her nutrition needs by taking Herbalife® products. “Nutrition is extremely important to me,” she says. “Assimilating it into my routine allows me to train harder and achieve better performance in competition.” Ibargüen takes Herbalife24® Formula 1 Sport prior to training, and Herbalife24® Hydrate and Herbalife24® Prolong during training. In the last 30 minutes of a workout, she uses Herbalife24® Rebuild. And, before bedtime, she uses Herbalife24® Restore.

Ibargüen points out that competing in the jump categories is particularly demanding and requires specialized nutrition. “My nutritional needs are highly focused in the areas of energy and weight maintenance,” she says. “Because the Herbalife24® line is designed specifically for athletes, it goes a long way toward meeting my needs.” Herbalife24® products are also an ideal choice for Ibargüen because they are tested by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International, an independent, accredited organization. The NSF Certified for Sport® marking on certain Herbalife® products ensures that they have been tested clean of athletic banned substances and verified that they meet label claims and contaminant test criteria.

The Sky’s the Limit

At the moment, Ibargüen is hard at work training for the 2016 world games in Rio de Janeiro, for which she recently qualified in the triple jump category. “I’m honored to be competing for my fans and my country at this incredible event,” she says. “I want to make everyone who has supported me proud.”

Caterine Ibargüen Achievements:

  • World Championships 2015 – 1st Place
  • Pan American Games 2015 – 1st Place
  • Central American and Caribbean Games 2014 – 1st Place
  • Continental Cup 2014 – 1st Place
  • World Championships 2013 – 1st Place


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